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WHY Do you want Freedom?

What lights you up? When do you feel “in flow”?

I’ve written about this idea previously, but let’s see if I can glean some additional points today.

The question is: Why do you want to live the freedom lifestyle, and also, how can you make a positive impact while living this lifestyle?

Well, lucky me, I feel like I’ve got both of these items covered.

1. WHY do you want to live the freedom lifestyle?

Well, I feel like I’ve been living a version of the freedom lifestyle since I graduated college. I’ve always been extremely averse to “normal”, so much so, that I didn’t attend my college graduation, as I felt it was a waste of time. Instead I went to party with friends of mine, because to me, that was a more honest celebration of 4 years of hard work, and cap and gowns just weren’t my thing.

I lived in Costa Rica for a year, and after that I earned online income as a marketing consultant, website maker, etc. to avoid ever having to have a “real” job. So WHY have I wanted to live in this way since I graduated college? Simply because I like being able to do what I want, when I want. I like not having someone tell me what to do. I like following whatever interest I have at the moment. I traveled a lot in the past, and although it’s a lot harder nowadays with a wife who works a normal job, who provides health care for us, while all our friends are making babies, I still have that adventurous spirit, and so does she. I would love to figure out a way that we could both be fulfilled and wealthy with ultimate freedom, but at this point it’s not there. I work from home as a consultant, and I must deliver my work on time, but I enjoy what I do.

So … my freedom lifestyle has changed, and I wouldn’t change the purpose that I now have. I used to work in industries that did not “light me up” at all. I liked the freedom, and at some points the money, but to stop and think about what my footprint was on the greater good, it was lacking to say the least.

Nowadays I do digital marketing work for a technological nonprofit, which is just about the coolest work I could imagine doing. The idea of bettering people’s lives through the use of technology excites me. When I’ve worked on these projects, I have at times felt that “flow” that people speak of. Even though it sometimes feels like I’m trying to corral 20 cats, and everything is wild and hard to keep under control, it has still been wonderful.

My goals are to create something bigger, brighter, beautiful, and more helpful. Perhaps help launch a major technological initiative to help the underserved. Perhaps create a documentary to help one of these efforts. Perhaps something else that I haven’t thought of yet.

And there’s nothing wrong with trying to make a buck. In fact, I wish that my affiliate income websites were as successful as they once were. I would love to have the opportunity to do both – to work for a purpose, and to make passive income. If I can blend both, that would be even better.

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