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Where I’m At *Right Now*

At this very moment I’m listening to Baroque music boom through my TV.

I’m thinking about the speech I have to give at my friend’s wedding tomorrow, and frankly it’s irritating my stomach.

I want to blog more often. I want to give future readers to this blog some value. I’m not sure what exactly a reader like yourself needs. Are you a beginner with no experience? Are you intermediate with some questions? You’re probably not advanced, or you wouldn’t be here.

I recently have been reading a lot about copywriting. I’ve been enjoying Neville Medhora’s blog a lot, actually. His technique can come off a bit crass, but he’s grabbed my attention, and surely many others.

I’ve seen my revenues slide over the past several months.

2013 was an amazing personal year. I traveled a lot. I went to Europe with my wife, who had never been before. We had a beach wedding in her home town in Brazil, where we stayed for a month. I traveled to the West Coast with my friend Jason, who is getting married. The summer was packed with fun weekend trips.

Sadly, though, all that fun has left me in a funk. I didn’t take care of my work closely enough. I’ve seen my rankings slip for the keywords that were making me money.

Thank goodness I had a client contract in place though. I’ve been using that lately, and have done a lot of SEO work for that client. Maddeningly though, I haven’t seen great results yet. Although I did just get a couple of links from a semi-popular Mommy blog in the same geographic area, as well as a link on a sub-page (PR4) of a student organization in the area.

So there are some strides being made… but I think to myself.. what does a company REALLY want? A company wants TOP rankings, and a company wants customers.

So I’m not feeling as good as I would be feeling if I had a list of leads to hand over to their salespeople.

I’m trying a technique where I build an unbranded facebook page, and I’ll try to send people that way.

I’m also going to require a survey to be filled out to win the mommy blogger giveaway. Hopefully I can get 1 or 2 mommy-readers who are interested in learning more about a new car.

For now though, I am just trying to increase my dropped rankings, and think on some new ideas, possibly partnering up with an old friend who has some money to invest. Not exactly sure on what, yet. But something.

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