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The Roost Stand – A Review

One blogger who I love to follow is Charles Ngo. He’s not only an expert mobile and dating marketer, but he’s a big supporter of keeping correct posture while working.

As a guy who works from home and sits nearly the entire day, his suggestions are targeted directly to someone like me.

One such suggestion recently was the “Roost Stand.”

You see, the problem with my posture is that I work on a laptop. So every day, around 3 or 4 pm, I start to feel my upper back tightening and getting sore, and it’s because I’m looking slightly downward. The roost stand attaches to your laptop to bring the screen to just below eye-level.



The Roost Stand comes in at around $80 after shipping.

I decided that $80 is about 2 visits to the chiropractor, and it’s way less than purchasing another monitor. More so, the Roost Stand is pretty cool looking, has a beautiful website design (an alteration of a Shopify template) and could make an immediate impact in my well-being, and sore back.

So I decided to buy a Roost Stand. I actually used Bitcoin. It was my first purchase using Bitcoin, so that was pretty cool.

Roost Stand Review:

roost stand review


The stand took some getting used to in the beginning. It took about 2 days until it started feeling more normal. I also had to buy a wireless keyboard, as my old wired one just wasn’t cutting it, and my wrists weren’t comfortable.

Before using the Roost Stand, my shoulders would start to ache at around 3 PM every day. It was like my body’s alarm clock – I knew it was 3 PM when my shoulders started to ache. That problem is now gone. For this alone, I feel like the Roost stand is worth it.

The compactness of the stand is another very cool thing. If I want to go work at a library or coffee shop with this stand, it can be folded and packed away. I can throw in my slim wireless keyboard and be good to go.

It clips in quite easily – I suggest starting with one corner of the laptop, and then following with the next corner.

All in all, I would give this stand a solid rating. Let’s call it an A-. I would like to be able to adjust the height of the screen. That’s one thing that maybe they can create in a future model. Reason being that every desk and chair height is not equal. So some people might want to adjust how high or low the screen is. (They have an adjustment based on screen size, but I would like to adjust more than that.)

Keep in mind that this stand does not work with all laptops. You will need to go visit their website and see if it fits your particular make and model.

For more information, visit the Roost Stand website.

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