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Tai Lopez: Scam Artist or Master Online Marketer?

Tai Lopez is an online marketer who became famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for showing up before seemingly EVERY YouTube video, as an interstitial ad, in his garage, pointing behind him at his books and Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other six-figure automobiles. At one point he explains how he calls money “time units.” :-/

He also has a Facebook group titled “Book of the Day” but instead is a bunch of photos and videos with him and good looking women.

Example A: This is part of the ‘Book of the Day’ Club (?)

I must admit that my first impression of Tai Lopez was: this guy is an extreme show-off of the worst kind, who is probably just trying to sell something. He reminded me of every other “guru” internet marketer who says something like “Now I don’t want to show off with numbers, but here’s my PayPal account with 50 million dollars in it. 😉 “

Many online marketers use visual subliminal tactics such as riding around in beautiful cars, and walking around in an amazing house by the ocean, to give the idea of “If you buy my stuff, you’ll have this too!” It’s a form of social proof. It’s using a person’s surroundings as a form of authenticity, and trust. Keep an eye out for this type of thing in internet marketing.

It’s classic, and you’ll see it over and over again. The reason is, it works of course. It’s also visually interesting. We are past the age of ‘Apple-esque’ talking heads in front of a bright white background, and we’ve moved on to authentic-seeming, ‘shaky, real-world camera’, which possibly speaks to the skeptical observer. “Oh this can’t be fake, it’s so real, so shaky, so spur of the moment” 🙂

Anyhow, you might be wondering then, what’s up with this Tai Lopez guy? Is he a scammer? Is he just trying to sell product? Or is he really a master at marketing?

If you’re a marketer, your first question might actually be: How was he appearing in every YouTube ad?

– Easy (sort of), he was paying for ads. A popular YouTube personality (h3h3productions) estimated that Tai spent tens of thousands of dollars in YouTube ads. He must have an amazing sales funnel then, and his leads must be worth a lot!

The next question is: Is this guy for real? Or is he a fake? A scammer? A hoodwink?

– I personally don’t believe Tai Lopez is a scammer. I believe that he uses classic subliminal techniques to convince a viewer of his upper status level, but that’s fair play. Even if his house is rented, even if his cars are rented, he’s still a hustler. He writes and produces a LOT of content, he’s active on all his social channels, and he sends e-mails frequently.

This is how he makes a large portion of money. If you have a gigantic e-mail list – then a % of people are going to buy your online courses and other products costing $1,000s, each time you send an e-mail. I’m sure you’ve heard “the money is in the list.”

That’s a lot of e-mails!

My critique here though, is that I’ve been on his list for maybe 2-3 weeks, and he’s already tried selling several pricey courses, and often sending 3 e-mails in a day. I might start to tune him out if he doesn’t offer a lot more real-value instead of promotional messages/advertisements. But – I imagine that he has so many thousands of people, that the drop-off doesn’t affect him. As long as people keep buying product, he’ll keep sending multiple e-mails per day. If you hate him for the e-mail spam, he doesn’t care. Someone else is buying.

Tai has got a digital e-mail marketing machine going, and he’s making money every time he sends an e-mail, and works you down one of his well-designed emotionally-charged sales funnels.

Here’s a few screens from his sales process:

My conclusion on Tai Lopez: He is a successful guy, but his promotion level is on the level of someone who cares more about sales than he does of anything else. There are examples of marketers who offer plenty of nuggets of value, that when they eventually sell something, you trust them, and you might buy a suggested product, because they seem so careful in what they advertise to you. Tai doesn’t seem this way. He repeats a lot of the same things over and over again, about knowledge and mentors and reading books, but for me personally, I’m looking for more than that as a consumer. He also recently launched a podcast and had a strange amount of perfect reviews followed by many 1-star reviews, leading me to think the was doing something sketchy.

I’m sure there are people who find his consistent style of motivational talk helpful, though. But it does give me some concern that if you dig a little bit deeper, you can find several complaints against one of his online companies, EliteGlobalDating. He’s done quite well for himself though, and I hope that the sales funnel exercise is helpful to you, the reader.

I wouldn’t recommend his content. But I would recommend thinking about how people like him sell their wares. You can learn from that, whether you think the guy is legit or not.

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