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My Top Resources

Choosing the right resources will save you money and boost your results faster. 

Keyword Research: Google Keyword Planner

Why: There are paid tools that are very useful, such as Market Samurai (which has a free trial, and you might want to look at.) But, for speed and cost, I prefer Google Keyword Planner. Metrics that I suggest using are aiming for keywords no more than 1000-4000 searches per month in the beginning. Grab lots of “long tail” keywords, and plan blog posts and YouTube that use those keywords. Don’t just make content for ‘google’ though. Your viewers are most important. Keep them coming back. 

Web Hosting: HostGator

Why: I’ve used several hosts. Including Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Greengeeks, Hostgator, and free hosts that serve banners on your site. HostGator is the best because of fast and helpful customer service. This to me, is the most important, as things can, and will, go wrong when you’re running a website. The customer service by the way, is included in the low monthly price. 

(Note: If you use my referral link above, you will get lower than normal pricing.)

Themes: ThemeForest

Why: Well, Themeforest is simply known as the best, most reasonable cost place to grab a beautiful WordPress theme for your website. You can use free themes via your WordPress dashboard, but none of those themes will come with dedicated support from the guy who made it. These themes do. See, support is everything. When you’re trying to customize something and it’s taking you much longer than it should, support saves the day. 

Mailing List Software: AWeber

Why: I’ve used Aweber and I’ve used popular free service Mailchimp. The problem that I have with Mailchimp is that if you decide to promote other people’s products, they frown on that. They prefer that you only promote your own stuff, and I’ve seen people get shut down because of this. Aweber on the other hand, is known for one of the best delivery rates in the business. You can get some useful stats out of their Dashboard area, and you can target users that have opened your mail before. (I’ll make an Aweber tutorial in the future, but for now just keep in mind that owning your own traffic is a very good strategy, and you’ll hear it repeated often as you learn more about internet marketing.)

(Note: If you use my referral link above, you’ll get a free trial.)

Contests: Contest Domination or Rafflecopter

Why: These are the most frequently used. If you have another provider, let me know. Contest Domination is more expensive than Rafflecopter, but it has more capabilities. Rafflecopter has a free option, so take a look there first.

Link Building:

Here are Web 2.0s  that you should be using, and that you can add your blog’s link to: Facebook Pages and Posts, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, YouTube