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Kopywriting Kourse by Neville Medhora – My Unbiased Review

I recently went through Neville Mehora’s ‘Kopywriting Kourse’ which, as far as I can tell, is still available on

I like the hand-written effect a lot, actually.

I like the hand-written effect a lot, actually.

I believe it was originally a $200 product, and it currently sells for $69. So maybe due to the fact that it’s a year or more old, it’s no longer price at more than $100.

So is this course worth 69 bucks?

There are 3 modules to this course.

1. The mentality

2. The techniques

3. Putting it all together

MODULE 1: The Mentality of a Good Kopywriter

There are 6 videos in this first module.

The ideas in Module 1 that Neville is ramming into your head are:

  • words matter
  • no one cares about what YOU offer, they care about what THEY get
  • the AIDA formula
  • defining your prospect.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but Neville gives you this information in an entertaining way, even breaking out his guitar at one point. In fact, that’s what has got me remembering the jingle “No one cares about you, they only care about themselves.”


Neville made me remember that no one cares about me.

The AIDA formula is nothing new, but it’s a tactic that all great copywriters use, and maybe you’re not currently using it. (Link to Wikipedia Article about AIDA)

MODULE 2: The Techniques

There are 8 videos in this module.

The ideas in Module 2 that Neville is teaching are pretty useful for someone who isn’t used to writing catchy newsletters and other content.

He goes over:

  • Style elements (bolding, italics, etc.) in your content
  • 3 Methods of creating Subject Lines
  • Short Copy vs. Long Copy
  • Several “over the shoulder” content pieces for you to watch in real-time

Now, I think this module is where the value really lies. Could you piece together all the content yourself by scouring YouTube and marketing blogs for several hours? Yeah, you could. But the reason why a course is useful and costs money is because it spoon-feeds information to you, thereby saving you time.

The subject line tips in this module are lacking a bit. They are about using subjects that would make you stop in your tracks on the sidewalk, using digg headlines (err…this one doesn’t work anymore unfortunately… I e-mailed him about it, waiting on a response…), and just making up your own.

Luckily though…

…he has additional subject line tips, which he talks about on his YouTube channel (, and for your convenience, those are to use headlines that incite the competitive spirit, benefit driven headlines, and headlines designed to inspire.

Neville may come across as crass or rude in his writing. But his point that he makes is that if you’re not offending anyone, you’re probably doing a bad job.

He gives an example of re-writing some catalog text in a way that say, an Eddie Bauer employee, may never have thought of. The example is using a dress shirt, and connecting with the emotional distress of a wrinkled shirt. He uses copy that would grab your attention instead of the usual “This shirt is a 100% cotton blend..etc.”

For that reason alone, I think this section is useful enough. It gets you thinking in a different way, even when writing on boring topics.

MODULE 3: Putting It All Together

This module is just 1 video. He makes recommendations about his favorite books to learn copywriting from. One resource, which I had heard of before but never about the ‘Boron Letters’ is by famous direct mailing copywriter Gary Halbert. (Link to the Boron Letters)

Neville actually recommends to print out all 25 chapters, which are something like 250 pieces of paper.

I would rather send them to my kindle or read them on my phone in ‘reading mode’ and take notes in Evernote, or on a piece of paper.

But hey, to each his own. The other book recommendations you can find on your own by poking around on his blog. (

What I think could have been improved:

I think that the videos don’t bore you. They’re fast hitting and to the point, and I think that is great.

But I think that there are a lot of people who will need their hand held a little more to *really* GET copywriting.

Neville suggest reading his suggested books, and practicing. And he is correct in that. Practice will make you a better copywriter.

However – I think he should offer an addition to the trusted AIDA system, and give multiple suggestions for each step of the way that you can easily alter.

For example: In the Attention stage, there could be prompts to get your brain running like: “What is FRUSTRATING about the problem you may face if you DON’T buy this product?”… “What would ANNOY you about a lesser version of this product?”….

… and in the Interest section there could be suggestions for introduction text like: “Here are some ways to increase anticipation… for example “Well Prepare Yourself…” or “Your problems are over…” or “Here’s the Permanent Solution”

I may have done a crappy job of explaining my idea here – but it would be good to have a “pool” of options to get you going in each stage of the AIDA process, creating a ‘Swipe File’ of sorts for writing good short and long copy, with examples of stuff that has worked.

I would ALSO go into DETAIL about how he wrote the AppSumo sales letter for this course. This would be a great section to have in the third module, once you’ve already learned everything that he’s taught. It would be great to wrap it all up in this way. He has said that this was one of the most popular product deals on AppSumo. So it would be cool to break that down a little bit and think about why it did so well.

My Rating:

I’ve seen Neville defend his product fiercely, and that’s a good thing. It also matches his character. He’s an intense and funny guy.

I don’t think I would purchase this product for $199 or whatever the original price was. $59 is more reasonable, but if you’re crafty, you can go over most of his free stuff on his YouTube channel and Blog, and get a similar education. I think it’s this way with most information products though – if you’re willing to spend hours doing your own research, you can get a lot of knowledge.

I think those of you who would pay the $69 (I’ve actually seen it for $59 as well recently.) will enjoy having everything organized and placed in a logical order. It’s a good introductory course, ahem *kourse*, for people who struggle with their copywriting.

I give it a solid 7 out of 10.

Recommended for copywriting beginners or intermediates who want to think of copywriting from a fresh angle, but not for those who are easily offended by curse words, or are looking for a 400 page guide.

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  • Rob

    Good review, I put his rendition or the general AIDA in my businesses newsletters at IT Arsenal, and they are well received.


    • Simon

      Thanks, Rob. AIDA is definitely the real deal.