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Finding Your Focus

I’ve seen two of my friends writing blog entries in this ’blog challenge’, and so without investigating all that much into it, I signed up as well, and am going to give it a shot.

What are my biggest challenges?

– Time management

– Follow through / Letting fear get in the way

Why are they holding me back?

Time management holds me back because I am wasting precious time doing things that don’t help me much. Such as social media. I’m talking about scrolling through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, ESPN, and the like. I have a bad habit of doing this before I sleep, and when I wake up! I am trying to limit this, and it’s a struggle, but I’m getting there. So proper time management, and not wasting time on things that don’t matter much, such as social media, are holding me back.

Follow-through and Fear: I think most entrepreneurs have lots of cool ideas. I know I do. I am constantly researching and learning and brainstorming. There’s a sense of excitement that comes along with learning something new and imagining what success and fun could be down the road. However, at some point, fear gets in the way. Now, not to say that this always happens to me, but it happens too much, and I am thinking it’s related to the first item holding me back. You see, many times once I get started on an idea, something else robs my attention, and disrupts any momentum I might have had. Then I start to doubt myself… But the cold reality of any venture, is that nothing is 100% guaranteed. You will try things and fail, you’ll try and have a little success, you’ll try and have massive success… Everything is always in a constant state of change…

The key word moving forward for me is *focus*. We are in an ADD culture that is only getting worse. There are SO many options everywhere you turn for entertainment. Something like Facebook is so easily accessible and entertaining because of the way it displays just the best of everyone’s lives, as if you’re watching a glossy motion picture version instead of gritty reality, for example. It’s entertaining!

So therefore, it’s time to fight against that tide, and learn to focus…

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