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How to Cold E-Mail Successfully

Having fun with “cold” emails

I was recently browsing the r/startups subreddit and I found an article that was too good not to share. It mentioned tools that I’ve had a lot of experience with, and the tips are actionable and bite-sized. Bravo Dunja from Toggl! Coincidentally, Toggl is one of the tools I’ve used with success in the past – they even sent me some swag a while back.

The points in this article that I thought were most important were: (more…)

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How a Mattress Startup went from 3 sales to $100,000/month in 3 months

I found this post online from a marketer/SEO who took a fledgling mattress startup, and applied some crafty advertising and targeted ads to the tune of helping explode the sales of the startup that he worked for.

Some of my favorite takeaways are that he targeted his competitor’s names in google adwords, and then had a landing page where he compared his product to theirs. This is genius, because he gets to ride their coattails, and when it comes to mattresses, there are a lot of unsure customers, that will obsess over comparisons. (I know, because I was in that spot a few years ago!)

I also liked his affiliate strategy of sending people with big enough audiences a free bed for a review. And I loved the part about not ignoring local PR. This was a great piece of learning, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s the content:


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Selling One of My Websites on Flippa

A couple days ago I looked at the traffic stats of my Spyware Removal website, and I saw that my traffic for the site has been pretty stagnant, gradually, slowly going downward. Conversion on the products had been going down as well for some reason. I thought long and hard, and decided that the market would change in the coming year. I thought that traffic was slipping because virus removal programs were getting better, and that it was likely that Windows 8 would improve it’s in-house virus removal, which would only get better with time. (Of course, I could be dead-wrong, but this is what my thinking process was.)

So, I had to decide – was it worth it to keep my site which was making anywhere from $250-550/month as of late, or was it a better plan to sell it?


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