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The Most Exciting E-Commerce Proposal

My close friend who has slept on my couch in the past is in a nationally televised business competition. Now it’s my chance to help his company win.

This is the e-mail I received last night from my friend’s business partner. They are in a Shopify Build-A-Business competition. First place is a handsome monetary reward plus the opportunity to meet their mentor. I think it’s Gary Vanderchuck, as he’s the mentor in the ‘Food and Drink’ category, where their store is.

Two Armadillos

Jimmy (Left) and I played soccer together in elementary school. Greg is his friend from University.

I jumped on the opportunity. I am really excited. I have a month to boost their SEO for terms like “healthy snacks for kids”, and “snacks for pre diabetes” and “crunchy chickpea snack,” and so on.

Today I will do a lot of planning work, including keyword planning to see which words to focus on, outreach planning to try and grab some exposure on places like Reddit and YouTube (I’ll be using Channelpages to search the YouTube database… I found it yesterday, very, very cool.)

I’ll also be chatting with the Shopify support team and planning an A/B optimization test for their funnel. I am not a great Shopify coder, so I may need to contact some previously hired help, or see if I can find someone on Fiverr if it’s a small enough fix.

I’m also excited about what this experience can launch me into, and what it would mean if I can help them win.

Besides the fact that if they win, they potentially could become a million dollar company, I could also become an SEO and Conversion consultant with big results and could command a healthy fee.

Although I love passive income, I don’t love how fickle Google is. I am in the stages of learning about using e-mail marketing (and I also plan on using it in this sales push for my friend’s company) – but I also love helping real people, and real businesses. It feels great to do something that can make a serious difference.

If they win this competition, it means lots of jobs created, lots of celebration, lots of fun. It also probably would mean lots of freelance work for me through referrals. I would imagine.

So this will be a great test, a great experience, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity.


The Company I'll Be Helping This Month:
My friend Jimmy, who I attended elementary school with, and have played lots of games of poker with, is an unbelievable business man and entrepreneur. He and his friend Greg came up with a snack company, Two Armadillos Snacks. They sell roasted, seasoned chickpeas, a healthy alternative to potato chips, pretzels, and the like. They are delicious, and you don’t feel as guilty as eating a bag of doritos 🙂

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