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How to Cold E-Mail Successfully

Having fun with “cold” emails

I was recently browsing the r/startups subreddit and I found an article that was too good not to share. It mentioned tools that I’ve had a lot of experience with, and the tips are actionable and bite-sized. Bravo Dunja from Toggl! Coincidentally, Toggl is one of the tools I’ve used with success in the past – they even sent me some swag a while back.

The points in this article that I thought were most important were: (more…)

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Tai Lopez: Scam Artist or Master Online Marketer?

Tai Lopez is an online marketer who became famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for showing up before seemingly EVERY YouTube video, as an interstitial ad, in his garage, pointing behind him at his books and Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other six-figure automobiles. At one point he explains how he calls money “time units.” :-/ (more…)

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Lessons Learned from Gary Vaynerchuk

gary_vaynerchukThis morning I watched a keynote by marketing force, Gary Vaynerchuk being given at Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. Gary is an inspiration to thousands of marketers because he’s raw, he’s unfiltered, he swears too much, and he seems to be at the cusp of every emerging digital marketing platform. I don’t know when this guy sleeps, honestly. He produces content non-stop.

I read his book “The Thank You Economy” recently as well, in which he basically boils it down that the companies who care the most are the ones who will win in the long run. Companies must care about their customers at a level that they used to, back when customers were fiercely loyal to the local butcher, for example. Social media has connected customers in a similar way, and so successful companies must encourage that open communication and care as much as possible about interacting. Leaders must be authentic, honest, and humble.

Another interesting tidbit learned from The Thank You Economy was about the ROI of social media. ROI is a business term for ‘Return on Investment’, and many people’s careers depend on ROI. If a company invests $100, they’d like to make sure that they made a distinct profit. HOWEVER – What Gary says in his book, is that ROI on Social Media is very hard to track, and so is the ROI of treating people well. Businesses that focus too much on ROI, and less so on providing a warm and welcoming experience, may suffer from customers going elsewhere in the long-term.

A few other points that stuck with me, that Gary mentions in his books, but also in his keynote today that I’d like to reflect on: (more…)

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WHY Do you want Freedom?

What lights you up? When do you feel “in flow”?

I’ve written about this idea previously, but let’s see if I can glean some additional points today.

The question is: Why do you want to live the freedom lifestyle, and also, how can you make a positive impact while living this lifestyle?

Well, lucky me, I feel like I’ve got both of these items covered.

1. WHY do you want to live the freedom lifestyle?


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Finding Your Focus

I’ve seen two of my friends writing blog entries in this ’blog challenge’, and so without investigating all that much into it, I signed up as well, and am going to give it a shot.

What are my biggest challenges?

– Time management

– Follow through / Letting fear get in the way

Why are they holding me back? (more…)

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Storytelling for your Small Business or Non-Profit with Alex Blumberg

Storytelling. It’s the buzz-word currently, as organizations from huge corporations to tiny startups realize that the sale is made in the connection to the user.

Storytelling is something that I am fascinated by, and it’s something that is nearly always on my mind, for the last couple of years. I’ve purchased various courses and books on the subject, and it seems in a way, similar to say, dating. There might be guidelines, suggestions, but the real magic happens when you get your hands dirty and find your own methods.

Alex BlumbergAlex Blumberg is my favorite radio-storyteller that I’ve come across. He’s worked for NPR on various wildly successful programs, and since then created a successful podcast startup, called ‘Gimlet Media’. If you’ve never heard his podcast Startup, I highly recommend that you check it out.

I had the good luck of attending a talk by Alex Blumberg in Brooklyn, NY recently, and I took some notes. I hope that they are helpful. This is mostly about radio interviews, but it can be applied more broadly to storytelling.


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How a Mattress Startup went from 3 sales to $100,000/month in 3 months

I found this post online from a marketer/SEO who took a fledgling mattress startup, and applied some crafty advertising and targeted ads to the tune of helping explode the sales of the startup that he worked for.

Some of my favorite takeaways are that he targeted his competitor’s names in google adwords, and then had a landing page where he compared his product to theirs. This is genius, because he gets to ride their coattails, and when it comes to mattresses, there are a lot of unsure customers, that will obsess over comparisons. (I know, because I was in that spot a few years ago!)

I also liked his affiliate strategy of sending people with big enough audiences a free bed for a review. And I loved the part about not ignoring local PR. This was a great piece of learning, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here’s the content:


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What’s it like to work for a non-profit?

For the past year, I’ve been working as a digital marketing consultant for a nonprofit, located in Silicon Valley, California. I visited the office for the first time a few months back, and enjoyed driving past Facebook and Google, and seeing a self-driving Google car around Palo Alto. The future is near, folks.

Posing in an InSTEDD polo on an off-day (Credit: My wife Cris with the nice photo)


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Are you just fine, or are you f***ing great?

I’ve been meaning to watch a movie I heard about recently which features guys like Grant Peelle, Pat Flynn, and others.

It’s all about people who left soul-sucking jobs to pursue their passions. The reason that I enjoyed this documentary is mainly because throughout the course of the film you can piece together the journey that each of these people go through, from frustration, to fear, to just going for it, and the results for each.

Google “I’m Fine Thanks film“.

I think it’s a worthwhile watch, especially for those of you interested in film, as they put this idea together and shot it in 6 weeks!

Enjoy –


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The BEST Free, Invoicing Web App

I recently purchased a course on developing business videos. I plan on perfecting my craft and becoming a better videographer.

However – I stumbled on the best invoicing app I have ever laid eyes on, and best of all it’s FREE.

There are countless other invoicing apps, and they range from $10-$100+/month depending on your needs.

The site that I use (and they just came out with a mobile app as well) is WAVE.

These guys make the entire process so incredibly easy. You just set up a profile, you can connect payments via Stripe (a PayPal alternative) and  then you just create invoices, and send them to your customers through the app.

Your customers can then pay you via their invoice that they receive in the mail.

You also get to see if your customer viewed the invoice or not – and the best part is that when they pay you via Stripe, your invoices change themselves to “PAID”.

The site also lets you send reminders when people are late to pay their invoices, and it gives you a useful overview of your incoming and outgoing funds by the month.

I can’t recommend WAVE enough for it’s incredible invoicing capabilities. As a freelancer, I wouldn’t want to use anything else.


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